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stripped tavern, Gunthrow city

moonlitinuko: >>Stripped Tavern, in a village off the coast of a small island<<

Guest_MasterDarksan: Varu was sitting in the cornor of the tavern his deep blue eyes searching over everbody
WhiteWingedDarkness: The hooded man walked into the bar, using his staff as a walking stick. He was quite tall for a man, his body boscured by his robes, his hood drawn up, over his head, covering his face as he walks over to the bar
moonlitinuko: Young Moaku sat at a table in the middle of the commotion, listening to the people around her laugh and talk. Her face was hidden behind her mess of chin-length foxy red hair, the soft whisker like marks on her cheeks completely unseeable. Her black eyes watched as the people who called her a friend laughed and joked around, obviously intoxicated, not noticing her lack of interest.
WhiteWingedDarkness: he walks over to the barkeeper, sitting down in front of him (intimidate roll:P) One beer, make it snappy… he says in a low hissed voice

Guest_MasterDarksan: Varu’s eyes fell upon the girl whom had her face hidden and his white ears perked in intrest out of his shaggy black hair that fell around his shoulders and his tail began to twich nervously without him noticing it as he stared at her

moonlitinuko: The bar tender, already stressed from the obviously busy night, turned from the bar and bent over to find the man a beer. Wh-what kind, sir? He murmured. As the interaction took place, Moaku rested her chin on her palm, and her eyes glazed over a bit. Her nose gave a soft twitch, but the scent of alcohol covered anything else she could possibly tell. She watched the man wander in, and she ran a slow tongue over her pointed teeth, wondering just how much havoc would be caused that night.
WhiteWingedDarkness: Stout Ale will do, i suppose. If you have any.
Guest_MasterDarksan: Varu would chuckel softly listening to the big man at the bar and haveing not drank anything lacked the courage to go over to the girl whom had sharp teeth revealing her as something but human so he continued to stare his eyes sad as he fiddeled with the collar around his neck that bore his name
moonlitinuko: The short, stocky man nodded, and looked around for the stranger’s order. He glanced up, and caught Moaku’s gaze. Obviously, she was pretty well known at the bar. She raised one brow, and he shook his head, before grabbing the man’s drink, and handing it to him. There you go, sir…. He quickly turned to the next costumer, who was waiting impatiently. Moaku couldn’t help but give a slight half-grin, and she turned back to the man at her side. He laughed loudly, and said something obnoxious, to which all his friends burst into wild laughter. Yup. Definantly drunk.
WhiteWingedDarkness: The hooded man kept to himself, glancing around the room at everyone, taking note of who he saw, before returning to his drink. He knew full well that someone would start something if what he was were discovered, something right now he wished to avoid
Guest_MasterDarksan: Varu,getting tired of this drunken peace, walked over to the hooded man and whipsered softly so only he could hear that he wished to speak in privite and headed out of the bar tossing a devious look back at the man pretending to know a secret that the man obviously had
WhiteWingedDarkness: he rolls his eyes muttering to himself Oh not again… he downs his drink in one gulp and follows after a few moments
moonlitinuko: Moaku glanced over, and caught sight, for the first time, of the Neko. Her grin raised a bit, into almost a predatory smile, but she covered it, and stood. Who wants another round? Whooping and hollering followed her offer, and she made her way over to the bar. She stood on the other side of the hooded man, and leaned over the bar top, resting her arms on the smooth wood. Yo! Bar tender! She was careful not to use his name, a bit tense standing so close to the stranger. Another round for the crazies, hm?
Guest_MasterDarksan: Varu was leaned against the outside wall of the tavern waiting for the hooded man and grined playful as he walked out and the wind blew catching his hood and began to blow it backwards off his head in the empty street ello sir
WhiteWingedDarkness: raising his head so his eyes could be seen; even though he had used a spell to change his appearance, he kept his eyes as they were Yes? Can I help you with something?
Guest_MasterDarksan: Varu’s body tensed when he saw the eyes knowing him at once for what he was halfdragon……

WhiteWingedDarkness: he rolls his eyes Another hunter i see? he sighs When will your kind simply leave me alone…?
moonlitinuko: Moaku nodded to the bar tender. Give ‘em a round when you get the chance. With that, she turned, and moved towards the door. She stayed close to the outside wall of the bar, and grabbed her cloak, tying it around her shoulders. It fell down to her feet, and the hood covered enough of her face that the only things that could be seen were the tip of her nose, the soft whisker-looking marks, and her lips and chin. She moved out a side door, and into an ally, careful to keep the wind from blowing off her hood. She stayed to the shadows, listening.
Guest_MasterDarksan: a hunter? no… Varu stays tense but not agressivly my master was slain by your kiind… thats when i began to study them… forgive me for being… tense… he listened quietly hearing the side door of the avern open and shut but thinking it was only the trash taker-outer
WhiteWingedDarkness: I see. Well, if you do not wish my hide, then what is it you want of me?
Guest_MasterDarksan: this place is boring… all the travelers here are weak and no fun… i wanted to find others whom are more than commeners to…. explore with and make friends with… Varu slowly relaxs and is wearing only loose silken pants that flutter in the wind and bracelets showing the light fur on his cheast and showing his thin but musceled body off
moonlitinuko: Weak and no fun? Moaku softly scoffed, rolling her black eyes. She moved a bit closer to the edge, wondering what in the world a half-dragon would be doing in her small village.
WhiteWingedDarkness: he laughs a little to himself An amusing outlook… Weakness is the greatest sin…
Guest_MasterDarksan: isnt it truely sir? Varu chuckeled softly and walked to the edge of the building having heard the girl scoff and his boot knife was up and inches from her throat as soon as he got to the edge tho the blade was pointed off to the side alittle since drawing it quickly wasnt his speaclty why dont you come out here rather than hide and eavsdrop little girly?
WhiteWingedDarkness: he looked at his staff for a moment, despire being a sorcerer, he didnt have any offensive spells. He knew in due time, the spells he has acess to know would only be a hinderance, relying on his magic to simply further his already potent abilities, he wondered why he even bothered with it, then he remembered this is a human world, appearances needed to be kept, hence the robes, he sighed to himself as he watched the new conversation unfold
moonlitinuko: The Hengeyokai smirked a bit and grabbed his wrist, whispering. Might want to watch out, feline, before you lose an arm. *She smirked, and shrugged, easily pushing him from her throat. She didn’t appear even startled as she stepped back, her hood still covering over half her face.*
WhiteWingedDarkness: *the hooded man yawned, but in a way that made him sound like he was atking a Deep Breath * So, what now then?

Guest_MasterDarksan: Varu cant help but give a small purr at her hand on his wrist and smiled and motioned back to the dragonborn come out here and speak…. your a regualr in that dour place he walked over to the dragonborn not sure sir… by the way what be your names?
moonlitinuko: She shook her head, and glanced towards the Tavern. She had to be a regular here, it was part of her job, and agreement. She was almost never seen around the village, and when she was, she was always with either the bar tender, or the leader of the area. She didn’t respond to the Neko’s words, taking a slow step back, into the shadows once more
WhiteWingedDarkness: …. my name would be hard to pronounce in human tongue, it has some of my other lanague in it… Thyssillian. You may call me Lian for short though…
Guest_MasterDarksan: Lian it apears the little shadow girl is afraid he chuckels softly as he puts his knife back into his boot and perks his ears hearing a lot of horses running hard get down into the alley now… i think theres a raid party coming he runs back into the alley past the girl and draws his sword and knife having heard about the raiders on the island up til now beliving them rumors only
WhiteWingedDarkness: Thyssillian looks around the corner to take a look. Seeing the raid party he sighs to himself I knew i should have stuck to the forests…

moonlitinuko: Moaku gave a sigh as she heard the raiders, and stepped forward, into the light for once. She easily took off her cloak, and tossed it into the alley, her black gaze trained on where the horses came from. It had been a while since the raiders had come to her village. She grinned wickedly, thinking about how humorous they tended to be. And you call ME afraid? Within a heartbeat, not caring that the two strangers were watching any longer, the young Hengeyokai shifted. In less than a heartbeat, the average height, skinny as all get out girl had shifted to a tall fox, standing on her back legs. She pulled back just a bit, and moved to the other side of the street, to flank them.

Guest_MasterDarksan: Varu watches as 20 plus raiders dismounted infront of the tavern and brandished their weapons, not preturbed by the fox girl shifting and focusing on his blades huming a quiet battle chant to clam himself planning to attack as well

moonlitinuko: Moaku moved to follow into the cavern, in her false form. She knew that, even though the others from her table were drunk, they’d be smart enough to shift, and the fight would be on.
WhiteWingedDarkness: …. Lets try not to cause a fuss. I would rather not have to reveal myself here. It never goes down well…
Guest_MasterDarksan: Varu chuckels evily as he creeps up silently behind the raider in the back and plungs his knife up under his ribs and his sword deep into his ribs trying to pierce the lungs so he couldnt make a sound

WhiteWingedDarkness: Thyssillian simply walks slowly to oversee whats going on, keeping his distance. He hated unnessicary fighting
moonlitinuko: Almost as soon as the raiders enter, the group of six at the table, where Moaku had sat, stood, suddenly sober-looking. In an instant, they all shifted. There were no other foxes. Most were raccoon-dogs. They moved to surround the raiders. They all began to speak in a soft tongue which couldn’t be understood. Rolling her eyes, realizing she had to be the translator, and hating that it meant she would have to shift again, Moaku returned to her human form. Compared to the other Hengeyokai, she looked incredibly useless, which was a laugh, considering who she was. Leave. Now. We give you ten minutes to get your horses out of our village. She watched the Neko, and couldn’t help but smile a bit, nodding to him.
WhiteWingedDarkness: Thyssillian shaddowed the groups, once again keeping out of the way and not drawing attention to himself

Guest_MasterDarksan: Varu jumped forward plunging his knife into anoher raiders neck and draging his swordup his back as the raider laughed not noticing and began to flip tabels and kill the comoners

moonlitinuko: Two of the raccoon-dog people moved to one side, and slashed, catching at least two raiders each. They let out a vicious sounding growl, and threw them against the wall. A sickening crack filled the room, causing Moaku to wince>
WhiteWingedDarkness: Thyssillian walks up to the one who appears to be the leader I would advise you all leave, now… before i get mad…
WhiteWingedDarkness: he would hold his robes arms together, secretly taking off one of his gloves, his clawed hand now reveled, should he reveal it
Guest_MasterDarksan: the leader chuckels and point to the two mutts in his eyes who were attacking his people and suddenly the raiders all drew bows and filled the two with barbed arrows

WhiteWingedDarkness: Thyssillaian grabbed the leader by the throat with his clawed arm

Guest_MasterDarksan: the leaders eyes buldged at the strength of the grip and the sharp claws and struggeled to draw his axe from his hip as Varu cut another raiders spine from behind
moonlitinuko: YOU BASTARD! Moaku snarled, and pulled back a bit from the crowd. Innocent bystanders were fleeing, creating for a hectic battlefield, but the fox girl grasped her sickle, and dodged in. Her black eyes burned with anger at the sight of Mikae and Thiro, two of the males of her pack, fall to their knees. Mikae, the male that had sat next to her, gave a whimper, before shifting to human, then to true form, of the raccoon-dog. Seeing this, Moaku turned, and slashed out at the raiders, standing at their backs, her sharp, reinforced sickle aimed at their waists.

WhiteWingedDarkness: lifting the boss aside, he takes a deep breath and unleashes a 60 foot line of acid from his mouth at the other raiders

Guest_MasterDarksan: the three that were hit grunt and stab at her with there arrows as the others shoot down commoners and at the other four shifters hiting them in vital areas before screaming in pain of the acid and Varu cries out clutching his leg that got hit as he cowers under a body having seen the dragon guy about to unleash it

moonlitinuko: Moaku jumped back, dodging a few paces, and barely missed the acid. She winced, having been hit with an arrow in her arm, though it wasn’t bad. She caught sight of her other shifters falling, and her eyes widened. Anger built inside of her, disgust making her cringe. They all screamed out, going through the same shift as Mikea. Though chaos ensued around her, the Hengeyokai stood, frozen.
WhiteWingedDarkness: *Thyssillian kept hold of the leader watching to see if there were any other surviviors from the raiders

Guest_MasterDarksan: /a few raiders scream and thrash but they are dieing and the four shifters that were hit are all criticaly injured and on the brink of death and a lot of commoners are dead and Varu stays still not wanting another acid burn*

moonlitinuko: -Moaku crouched a bit, before slowly making her way over to Mikea’s raccon-dog body. She bit her lip hard, and knelt beside him, pulling a few arrows from his body.*

WhiteWingedDarkness: Will one of you mind looking after and questionning this man? I’ll chase after the stragglers…?

Guest_MasterDarksan: there are no straggelers runinng Lian Varu says in a whimper pushing the corpse off and holding his leg

WhiteWingedDarkness: So, all the raiders are dead?

Guest_MasterDarksan: Varu nods and tries to stand but falls growling in pain and tries again to the same outcome

moonlitinuko: Moaku stays where she had fallen, the dog’s head in her lap. She brushed her shaking fingers through his fur, whispering something in a different tongue.
WhiteWingedDarkness: Well, we have their elader here for questionning… he looks at the carnage he just helped ensue Perhaps a little too much on my part…

WhiteWingedDarkness: The acid wont kill you… a healer will be able to fix that. I apologise for that, i did not intend to hit you with that

Guest_MasterDarksan: Varu grins alittle bit- its ok i liked the burn -he chuckels and crawls over to one of the whimpering shifters and pulls out an arrow from her chest and holds her head in his lap huming and stoping the bleeding with a rag

WhiteWingedDarkness: Well now… forces the leader to sit down Tell us… why was this place targeted?
Guest_MasterDarksan: he chuckels darkly because it had been awhile since we last came thru we missed this place fool dragon boy
WhiteWingedDarkness: and the killing?

Guest_MasterDarksan: they hadnt been paying thier dues…. Varu just holds the girl waiting for the blood to clot

WhiteWingedDarkness: And what do you mean by dues? he leans further in towards the man If i do not like the answer, then it means nothing for me to kill you like all the rest…
Guest_MasterDarksan: they havent been sending us no wench har har and dont think i be fearin no fool dragon his words are drown out in a bloody gargel as a boot knife suddenly purtrudes from his throat and Varu glares at the dead raiders and Lian
WhiteWingedDarkness: You know, i had a better way of dealing with him… he looks to see wether the man still lived or not

Guest_MasterDarksan: the mans lifeless body was leaned back against the bar these were the last people my master had worked with… then the dragon men came for him…. i know there scent…

WhiteWingedDarkness: Thyssillian looks at his hand, his scales had blunted most of the blow, but it had hurt none the less. Wrapping his hand in a bandage he looked around the tavern No more drinks i suppose…

Guest_MasterDarksan: the bartender is dead i supose they are al on the house now… mind going down the street and getting a healer?
WhiteWingedDarkness: Last time i tried, they called me spawn of the demon and wouldnt let me enter the temple…

Guest_MasterDarksan: the local druid Lian…. the clerics here are just fakes anyway the druid the apothacary

WhiteWingedDarkness: I see. Druids are not so… hostile to my kind. I will go find this druid then, to make up for my he looks at the 60 foot burnt line through the village over-eagerness…
Guest_MasterDarksan: thank you and please make haste this little girl doesnt have much time… Varu looks over at the passed out fox girl and her five dead compainons
WhiteWingedDarkness: How far away is this druid?
Guest_MasterDarksan: four buildings down on your left
WhiteWingedDarkness: Hmm, not worth using that trick then… Lian simply rushes down the street to fetch the druid
Guest_MasterDarksan: Varu waits not feeling his wound anymore as he holds the girl and hums a neko lulybuh to keep her heartbeat slow so the blood flow isnt to fast
WhiteWingedDarkness: * a minute or two later, he was back with the druid, though s/he was not happy abut this situation, they we’re inclined to help… if only by the fact that Thysillians gaze had not left the druid*
Guest_MasterDarksan: Varu smiles at the kind old woman and she quickly kneels down and heals the girl tho she remains uncocncious whom else needs my healing Lian?
WhiteWingedDarkness: The man whos leg is partialls missing, perhaps the young catwoman too. And if you wouldnt mind reviving the leader of the gang that did this, i wish to finish the point i was making to him… the last part of the request, he has a small smile on his face, he didnt like giving into his chromatic liniage, but sometimes, it was needed
Guest_MasterDarksan: she rubs Varu’s ear making him purr as she scolds him for not telling her about his leg earlier as she heals it and moves over to the unconcoius girl and heals her arm and looks at Lian i cannot revive him
WhiteWingedDarkness: Shame, i was going to give him some advice before sending him back to where he belongs… oh well. Thank you for your time
Guest_MasterDarksan: she nods and leaves telling them that they were welcome to stay in her spar cottage as Varu pulls the girls both into his lap and rocks them alittle his eyes blank
WhiteWingedDarkness: What is your plan now then?
Guest_MasterDarksan: take these to to the cottage and let them rest while you and i go on a little trip
WhiteWingedDarkness: Why, is there somewhere you need to be?
Guest_MasterDarksan: holds up his sword training
(1800 exp each including the other shifter girl )


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